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Examining indie games: Bloat

Posted on: October 17, 2009

The indie game development scene has been growing in popularity lately.  Thanks to developers like Jonathan Blow and the guys over at The Behemoth, independent games have gained a foothold in the mainstream gaming market.  There are hundreds of free and cheap games that are plenty of fun to play.  In these hard economic times, it is unreasonable to spend $50+ on mainstream titles.

The independent gaming scene is a deep one, though.  It can be hard to find the right games.  Developers even find it hard to get exposure for their games, and very rarely make a profit on their projects.

Today, the spotlight will be shone on Untold Entertainment.  The Toronto based developer has a very capable team and is lead by Ryan Creighton.  With over 50 games under his belt, he’s a very talented developer.

The game being showcased today was created by Creighton himself at TOJam, the Toronto game jam.  The project took roughly twenty-two hours, an impressive feat for a polished game such as Bloat.

The object of the game is to guide little dinosaurs on a platform and eat other dinosaurs.  As the player progresses, one platform will turn to three, which are connected by macaroni noodles.  The noodles operate as tunnels for the dinosaurs to get from one platform to the next.  The dinosaurs will also become different colors: red, green and blue.  If the player makes one dinosaur eat another, it will excrete money.  It’s a basic rock, paper scissors set up: blue eats red, red eats green and green eats blue.  The player is able to manipulate the size of the dinosaurs by clicking and dragging allowing the bigger dinosaurs to eat the smaller ones.  If the player makes a dinosaur eat one that it is not supposed to, then the player loses money.

It seems complicated at first, but the game does a wonderful job of making the player comfortable with the game mechanics.  The game does not have a lot of flair to it, but it is a fun and addicting one.  It is worth anyone’s 10 minutes.

For more info:
Untold Entertainment – Main site
Bloat – Play this game

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